Church of Christ


We are a refuge where you can find care; a connection point for making a difference in this world. We are your turning point to eternal life. Our members are very concerned about working together to serve the homeless, the lost, the bereaved, the sick, and the disadvantaged.

We are a weekly launching pad for worship that will continue throughout the week and a melting pot for various cultures, viewpoints, ages, and social classes. Diversity is always an opportunity for growth. Kindly learn more about us, you can also glance through the history of our congregation.



P. O.  Box 6

Kenyasi-B/A, Ghana, West -Africa

Telephone: +233-246 83 95 36  




Recent Prayer Requests

  • land

    pray for the church need land kennedy olao -maseno church of christ

    Hello, My name is Mike and I'm Going thru a bitter divorce, costly beyond measure as well as my funds have been depleted and hardly the strength most days to continue with the...